Electronic Notification of Loss (eNOL)
August 22, 2023

Electronic Notification of Loss (eNOL) is a digital enhancement of the traditional First Notification of Loss (FNoL) process – utilising digital solutions to simplify how customers initiate insurance claims.

This includes software like self-service eNOL apps, which allow insurance customers to report damage to insured property, such as a vehicle involved in an incident.

Activate Group’s eNOL solution, Activate Initiate, helps motor insurers & fleets to promote a hybrid-digital incident reporting process. It’s a white-label incident reporting app, which allows drivers to submit incident reports quickly & accurately – and upload high-quality images of vehicle damage.

This helps to deliver more accurate incident reporting, swift third-party capture, and qualitative visual data to inform vehicle triage & repair estimates.

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What is eNOL used for in motor claims?


Electronic Notification of Loss (eNOL) solutions are simplifying incident & damage reporting for both insurers and their customers. 

Traditionally, First Notification of Loss would be handled exclusively via telephone – limiting the speed and availability of incident reporting channels.

With ENoL, incident reporting becomes quicker and easier for drivers – allowing them to log their claim digitally, and upload images of the damage as soon as it occurs. This can even be done at the roadside using a mobile app/web portal – with a digital process mirroring the insurers’ usual FNoL requirements.

This helps insurers to speed up customers’ incident reporting times – making third party intervention easier, damage data more accurate, and right-first-time deployment more achievable. 

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