Technology is at the core of our accident management solutions and services.

Our proprietary Claims Management System (CMS) enables us to efficiently track and manage every single claim, and provides MI to help us measure performance and identify trends so we can keep improving.

The system brings all the information about a claim together in one place, and ensures customers and suppliers get real-time updates, whether that’s through notifications, integration, or access to our customer portal.

We’ve also created technology partnerships, fully integrating our own systems with industry-leading providers to create a seamless experience for fleets, insurers, drivers and other key stakeholders.

Highly effective task management

Dynamic workflows and automated tasks to keep all claims progressing against SLAs, with built-in exception management.

Fully integrated

API library and industry-standard integrations create joined-up, transparent processes

Flexible communication tools

Triggered, multi-channel communication for proactive policyholder and driver communication.

Digital claims handling

Accelerate the delivery of your digital claims solution with our white-labelled suite of apps.

Actionable insight

Visualise data trends with intuitive dashboards and extensive reporting capability.

Development roadmap

Regular feature enhancements that support customer objectives, and current and evolving accident management needs.

Technology in the claims journey

Here’s how our Claims Management System helps us to maximise efficiency and service throughout the claims journey

Claims Management System

Our information hub. Efficient management of the full claims process – workflow and automation to keep claims in SLA, with triggered exception management, packaged integrations and APIs, document management, and real-time, multi-channel communication.


Best in class 

Quicker more accurate incident reporting to support right-first-time decision making.

  • Speedy, customisable data-capture to minimise incident reporting times and help control costs.
  • Drag-and-drop, low code FNOL script building providing greater flexibility and speed of change.
  • Activate Initiate - proprietary Enol able to be white labelled, delivering best in class digital claims experiences.
Telematics and
in-vehicle cameras

Leveraging connected vehicles for automated, instant incident notification and informed liability decisions.

  • Leveraging the latest in AI-driven incident detection technology to deliver a more effective claim journey.
  • Utilise telematics and in-vehicle camera footage at FNOL for quicker more accurate incident reported.
  • Hardware agnostic solution, providing greater choice and integration options for fleets and insurers.

Delivering transparency and data to all stakeholders through real-time, multi-channel communication.

  • Web portal providing secure access to claims data for insurers, fleet managers and suppliers 24/7 365.
  • Real-time repair information direct to policyholders and drivers via Repair tracker and Live Chat access, driving down inbound queries to the call centre.
  • Real-time triggered updates via SMS, email, and APIs throughout the claim journey for in-the-moment claim updates.
Triage and

Removing friction and cost from the claim process with automated, informed decision making at triage and deployment.

  • White-labelled proprietary damage assessment solution – Activate Assess – ensuring detailed imagery and severity decisions are captured early in the claim.
  • Right-first-time repair deployment based on AI decisioning, automated business rules and real-time capacity insight from across the network.
  • System integration with supply chain partners for efficient deployment.

Ensuring an efficient, quality and cost-controlled repair by leveraging data and integrations across the repair ecosystem.

  • Proprietary CMS underpinned with automated task-driven workflow management for proactive exception management and SLA adherence.
  • Integrations with market-leading systems to deliver an efficient, frictionless repair journey.
  • Data rich, real-time repair updates into our proprietary CMS as a result of CAPS and Activeweb integrations.
  • API-based integrations with market-leading estimatics systems providing greater flexibility and cost-saving opportunities to repairers


Real-time MI
and insight

Faster, informed decision-making and service optimisation through real-time data analytics.

  • Centralised data warehouse providing access to all claims data 24/7 365.
  • Rich real-time data visualisation as a result of integration with market-leading BI tools.
  • From self-serve dashboards to customised and scheduled data extracts, meet the data needs of all stakeholders.

Market-leading claims journeys for the insurance industry.

Fleet accident management that dramatically reduces downtime and supports cost control.

Fast, cost-effective parts supply chain solutions.

Group-owned vehicle repair centres where capacity is needed most.