New Incident Reporting Technology Saves Time for Drivers and Improves Claim Outcomes 
June 11, 2024

Save valuable time for policyholders and drivers and speed up incident reporting by as much as 8% with new technology from Activate Group – the accident management specialist.  

Innovative First Notification of Loss (FNOL) and electronic notification of Loss (eNOL) tools are not only streamlining incident reporting, but also enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of the claims process. 

Here, we explore how these tools are already saving valuable time for fleet managers, while also supporting improved third-party capture rates, and reducing vehicle downtime. 

Streamline reporting with FNOL Studio 

FNOL Studio allows claims handlers to capture First Notification of Loss information with improved speed and accuracy. 

20% of claims handled by sopp+sopp, Activate Group’s specialist fleet division, are now processed through FNOL studio, reducing the time drivers spend on the phone by an average 5% and saving hundreds of hours a year.  

Read more about how sopp+sopp’s technology benefits fleets.

In addition, FNOL Studio offers remarkable flexibility. Insurance and fleet customers can create tailored questions for their drivers, and proactively adapt their approach based on FNOL data trends. 

Having consistently demonstrated its value in the incident reporting process, FNOL Studio is now being rolled out across Activate Group’s fleet and insurer customers 

Key features: 

  • Intelligent filtering: streamlines the reporting process. 
  • Intuitive interface: supports call handlers to focus on the most relevant information, enhancing data accuracy. 
  • Fully customisable question set: drag and drop survey builder means questions can be tailored to specific customer requirements. 

Boost efficiency with eNOL 

Activate Initiate, Activate Group’s easy-to-use eNOL web app, works in tandem with FNOL Studio to offer even greater efficiency.  

Customers using the web app have seen reporting time reduce by an average 8% per incident by enabling drivers to submit quick, accurate reports at the scene of an incident. 

Easy to access, with no need to download anything, the app guides drivers through straightforward questions and helps them capture and upload important images directly to Activate Group’s claims management system.  

This immediate data capture ensures that crucial information is available for the claims team, leading to faster and more accurate claim processing.  

The business’ 24/7 claims handling team uses eNOL information as the basis for a quick follow-up call, asking additional questions and clarifying details where necessary. 

Key features of Activate Initiate include: 

  • Easy to access: via a simple link or QR code in the vehicle.  
  • White-label web app: integrates seamlessly with existing driver and policyholder communication tools. 
  • Clear guidance at the scene: supports best practice incident reporting and image capture, improving the number and quality of images provided. 
  • Immediate reporting: instant data upload improves the chances of third-party capture.  

Improve claim outcomes through faster reporting 

Speeding up the reporting process has significant benefits beyond saving time. Quicker incident reports lead to better claim outcomes. When information and images are captured at the scene, they support efficient repair triage, early total loss identification, and accurate liability assessments.  

This rapid response minimises vehicle downtime and gets drivers back on the road faster. 

Additionally, faster reporting times significantly improve third-party capture rates, helping to control claim costs. By initiating the claims process promptly, fleets can reduce overall expenses and streamline operations. 


Activate Group’s customers are already seeing the benefits of FNOL Studio and Activate Initiate. These tools not only help to improve the incident reporting process for drivers and policyholders, but also enhance the accuracy and efficiency of the claims process.  

With the ability to capture critical information quickly and accurately, fleets and insurers can optimise their repair processes, cut costs, and reduce vehicle downtime.  

These digital advances are a key part of Activate Group’s technology roadmap, guided by core customer objectives to boost operational efficiency and reduce repair costs. 

Whether you’re a fleet manager, or a claims leader, Activate Group’s technology is designed to reduce unnecessary admin and ensure you get the best possible outcome after a road incident. 

Discover how Activate Group technology can transform accident management for fleets and insurers. Contact us for a demo or more information. 

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