What are ‘OE’ vehicle parts?
August 24, 2023

‘OE’ (Original Equipment) vehicle parts are components made by the original vehicle manufacturer. This includes cosmetic parts, like doors and bumpers, and mechanical components, like gearboxes, pistons, and drive-shafts. 

OE parts can either be purchased new from the manufacturer, or second-hand via green supply chains – using OE parts which have been recovered from end-of-life vehicles.

Whether they’re purchased brand-new or second-hand, OE parts are almost always compatible with your vehicle, and bring the same quality as factory parts – as long as they’re checked and purchased effectively.

OE Parts vs Aftermarket

Aftermarket parts are vehicle components made by third-party suppliers – and aim to bring the same quality and compatibility as OE parts.

They’re often cheaper for repairers to source than new OE components, and bring comparable quality when they’re purchased from reputable suppliers.

Repairers often use a blend of OE, green, and aftermarket parts – depending on individual requirements, and turnaround times from different suppliers. 

Green OE and aftermarket parts can often be quicker and cheaper to source than off-the-shelf OE components. This often makes them a powerful alternative for repairers – leading to quicker repair times, and cheaper replacement costs.

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