On-Demand Vehicle Repair For Insurers – Repair-as-a-Service
September 18, 2023

The motor claims industry is currently facing a number of long-term challenges, including a nationwide shortage of repair capacity, and delays in global parts supply chains. 

Consequently, 63% of UK bodyshops reported that they had no available capacity in 2022*, leaving insurers waiting longer to deploy customers’ vehicles, or forcing them to deploy long-distance in many cases.

This is leading to poorer outcomes for claims customers, who are often left without their vehicles for longer, or waiting for non-critical damage to be repaired.

To counter these challenges, insurers need a more dynamic repair solution: one that complements their existing abilities, and adapts to overcome key industry challenges.

That’s where on-demand vehicle repair comes in – providing insurers with repair capacity when and where it’s needed most, with no minimum deployment or existing contract required. 

Here’s everything you need to know about on-demand vehicle repair, including how it can help insurers to overcome current industry challenges.

What is meant by ‘on-demand’ vehicle repair?

On-demand repair capacity gives insurers direct access to vehicle repair slots – at any time, in any region, and with no minimum deployment or existing contract required.

Insurers could choose to utilise on-demand capacity to relieve repair backlogs affecting certain locations or types of vehicles – or as general overflow capacity to support their wider repair network.

What is ‘Repair as a Service?’

On-demand vehicle repair is one of the core features of Repair as a Service – a flexible repair management model for insurers, brought to you by Activate Group.

As well as access to on-demand repair capacity, Repair as a Service provides additional value-add services like repair engineering, vehicle triage, and repair management – which can also be utilised on-demand.

This allows insurers to pick and choose the services they need most, creating a repair partnership that works for them, and adapts to their changing requirements. 

This means Repair as a Service can be utilised at any level – from straightforward overflow capacity, to a fully-fledged accident management partnership – encompassing everything from initial vehicle triage to repair completion.

Learn more about Repair as a Service here

What are the benefits of on-demand capacity?

Access to on-demand capacity can bring a number of advantages for insurers and their customers, including:

1 – Respond to emerging capacity challenges

Access to on-demand vehicle repair enables insurers to respond proactively and dynamically to emerging operational challenges. 

For example, if an insurer experiences a surge in demand in a specific region, they could temporarily increase their repair capacity in this location to mitigate the oncoming pressures. 

2 – Eliminate existing repair backlogs

Using on-demand repair can be an effective way to clear existing repair backlogs, such as those present in high-demand regions, or consisting of certain vehicle types or damage severities.

Vehicles can be deployed for repair without committing to a long-term contract, or waiting for capacity to clear up within your existing repair network.

3 – Total flexibility without compromising on quality

The flexibility of on-demand vehicle repair doesn’t compromise the quality of any services delivered. 

As long as you’re deploying to a high-quality, industry accredited repairer, the on-demand model provides the same result you’d expect from a long-term repair partnership.

4 – Cater for all vehicle/damage types across all locations

Specialist repair services can be used on-demand to cater for certain vehicle types or damage severities. This might include specialist repair for EVs & hybrids, or non-roadworthy vehicles – which often contribute most significantly to repair backlogs.

Consulting these specialisms on-demand allows you to enhance the capabilities of your own repair network – without making any long-term deployment commitments in these niche areas.

Repair as a Service from Activate Group:

Whether you’re looking for on-demand repair capacity, or a fully-fledged accident management partner, Activate Group has the tools and expertise required to deliver on your requirements…

– Growing UK repair network

We’ve invested in a UK-wide network of high-tech Activate Accident Repair bodyshops – located in the areas where capacity is needed most. Each of our sites is equipped with the latest repair equipment & technology, allowing them to cater for all vehicle and damage types, including EV and hybrids.

– Internal vehicle parts aggregator

Our repairers are supported by our in-house parts aggregator and supplier, Activate Parts. This helps us to provide swift, direct delivery of some of the most high-demand repair components.

Activate Parts maintains close relationships with suppliers, vehicle manufacturers, and green parts supply chains, ensuring parts are available and purchased at the best possible price.

– High-quality claims management 

We have a wealth of experience delivering high-quality claims management services, including managing FNOL, triage, engineering, and repairs for some of the UK’s largest insurers and fleets.

Our team is committed to ensuring positive customer outcomes, and high-quality service delivery – even during periods where claim volumes are highest.

Our clients can utilise these services flexibly without compromising on quality – empowering them to increase their capabilities while maintaining strong customer outcomes.

– In-house technology 

We’ve developed a range of in-house tech solutions, including our intuitive bodyshop management system, incident reporting web-app, and claims management platform. We make continuous, data-backed improvements to these solutions to maximise the efficiency and quality of our services.

Our platforms can be fully integrated with your existing claims systems, providing you with real-time repair updates, regular reports, and seamless integration of add-on services.

Take control of your capacity challenges – Discover Repair as a Service from Activate Group:

*Source: TrendTracker Repair Market Intelligence Report, October 2022

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